Thursday, April 15, 2010

Simon's Scarf

Whoa, Finally Done!
Simon Wanted a Man's Scarf. Simon is a History Major. He had a Picture in his mind, which I would have to write word for word to catch his Flavor, (not sure if that's appropriate) But none the less, beautifully written, A Man with History in His Heart.

My Beginnings where in a Loom Room Cabin at John Sevier's Home...First Governor of Tennessee, at Marble Springs. Well before I was always Weaving Freeform and on a Frame Loom, but there before me ....TaDa... a real Floor Loom, and it was a mess! Right then and There I decided I had to have one, and Boom, one came my way. Granted it is Bang and Clank kind, but still Have it!

Now I live with a House Full. Studio almost clear and painted. I have moved almost everything out there, 'cept my Macomber, It got Prize spot in Living room. If you are an Artist wishing for A Studio, I wish for you that you get one soon, don't wait til you can justify it. Build it and They Will Come.

Well, I hope Simon Loves His Scarf....It was a Great Start to my New Studio, made me jump to my feet and know this past month's work cleaning out and Painting ( and pissin' everyone off!) was sooo worth it!

Now better go Finish the Living Room like I promised...LOL

Weave Your Peace, Patti

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Patti Gerson 3rd place ART FIESTA 2010

Yep, as you can see I got 3rd Place in the Fiber/ Wearable Art category at the ART FIESTA 2010!! It was some kinda miracle that Judge saw this Shawl Hanging, by the time He got there, it was pouring for Hours and my work and I were Huddled in the center of my booth!!
This is the Shawl I Never, ever want to sell, maybe because it was the hardest thing I ever attempted or maybe because it turned out so Beautiful. I see people eyes glaze over when I tell them what was involved it the making of this HANDWOVEN HANDSPUN HAND DYED SHAWL, all silk. Yep the warp is finely spun silk. You can't imagine how many warp thread were broken, split, frayed!! All that paid off with a WINNER!! This was a really big show, huge in our little town. We had Beautiful weather on Sunday, and had a Great time. Seeing and making lots of friends. Congradulations to all the winners!
Now I will start listing all the SHAWLS I have been working on. Also get back to making my Yummy Art Yarns, so many ideas, so little time!!!

Peace and keep on Weaving!! Patti

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentine Yarns!!

Valentine's day is almost here! Are You ready? Have you even given it any thought? Love is merely an empty concept unless you bring it to alive through action! a Quote from the sidebar of "1001 Ways to be Romantic" by Gregory Godek, one of my favorite books. I personally don't want to ever live without romance. What's the use? When I forget, I head to that book and try to do something from it for my Sweet heart. It's always worth it!! But I think that goes for anyone in your life you Love!
Anyway trying to get a jump on Valentines Day., had me thinking yarns (of course!) and felt hearts and pink! I had some angora dyed different shades of PINKS (Yummy) it's so soft and I just Love working with angora. Kept think of little red hearts running along, (this stuff keeps me awake at night, passion for my fiber! Ha!) So that's it....

This second one is really Hot,Hot Pink with silk flowers and Freshwater Pearls, yes pearls! They stand out in that yummy pink so well!
Plies with a silver thread and glass
beads also.
Well I do need to stop playing around with these yarns and get some weaving done as I have the Art Fiesta show (New Smyrna Beach, Fl.) at the end of February. Oh I did sell the Blue Angora with someone in South Korea!! Kinda Cool! I always have so many ideas for my yarns, that it stumps me which to act on!! Follow your Heart Right!!

Peace, and Remember to knit for someone you LovE!! Patti

Monday, January 18, 2010

Well, my son said "Mom You're not weird, you are Eccentric", is that a Good thing? He is referring to the fact my whole living room has become my studio, Hey! I left room for the couch and TV. But after months of trying to get the garage cleaned out, it's now safe to say January would have been too cold to be out there anyway! So I'll get my new Studio (garage) just the way I want it by spring. I'll put all the looms out there, sewing machine, drum carder...I'll need a bigger Studio before I even get there!! Well, anyway I am suppose to be getting ready for the Biggest show I have done yet, but I can't stop spinning! Dyeing and Spinning! Using my Majacraft Rose, before I know it I'm starting another!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Hello All! Can't Believe I haven't posted since March!! I got caught up in other ventures and had some tough things happen. But I was working!, just not Blogging! Have been spinning alot, because I need that mediative medicine to chill me out. Found my habit of spinning crazy yarns to be in style! Ha! My Yarn closet overflows with the stuff that was not used on the Loom, now I think I'll just use it there!! I warped the Baby Wolf with white silk, many scarfs, but ugh, I can't seem to make myself weave it off. I think I'll pull all that weft out and use one of the yarns that I love so much, I wouldn't ever list it, you know the stuff that turned out so cool. priceless to me! I have many things that either turned out beautiful or I put so much time into it. One of those pieces is a Handspun, Hand dyed, Silk and Angora Shawl in the most Beautiful Turquiose Colors. Everyone Loves it, truth is it almost didn't survive the loom it was a Bear of a project!!! Wow, I'm glad I didn't cut that one off!!!
Wishing Every one a Great New Year! I think it will really be a Year of Change for me. I seem to have figured myself out, now have to adjust my surroundings to suit me, if that makes sense! Coming out of a long long relationship (Divorced 3 years now!) I really did have to figure out who I was. The Artist Within Me is fully unleashed, and I love it! I am painting every wall in my house, ripped out flooring, digging ponds, anything to claim my Unique-ness!! No Looking Back! Hugs, Patti

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Fabric Weaving

Well, I finally did it. I have held on to this dress for a long time. I finally cut it up for the weft! It is a wonderful pale purple-ish color and the stripes are from a silk skirt that was well loved. You would think I could have used something from my fabric stash, but this fabric is so soft and such a nice color, I really started this WOVEN Piece as a funky BackPack, but as I'm working all kinds of ideas come to mind. It would make a really nice throw pillow. I have a few more inches to do, then I will cut it off the loom. I'll let it tell me what it wants to be! I just read A bit of Velvet and a Dash of Lace by Robin Brown, about her Magnolia Pearl style. I love that Book, will get my own copy. Her Decorating inspirations are fantastic, just what I needed, since I am now living in the most un! House. I was living in a hand built cabin on 50 acres in the Smokey Mountains, raising my family to love the nature that surrounded us, had a huge organic garden, homeschooled. I wish just for a slice of that, but ahhh my life is now peaceful and simple. I'm working my small intown homestead now, trying to get back to knowing where my food came from. Baking my bread, and weaving up the dress that reminds me of all memories! Yes, Spring Fever is pulling me outside, wondering if those tomatoes want to go in the ground today. Peace to All, I must finish that fabric!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Purples and Pinks Chenille

Good Morning all. Here's the warp on the warping board. I am still using chenille. Its great to work with and the colors are so bright. It's already on the loom and I am small bags of many sizes and one scarf, mostly having alot of fun, getting ready for the Art Walk here in New Smyrna Beach Florida.